Siena Select 2017 Submissions

These original songs were composed by students of The Siena School in grades 4-12 and entered as submissions into the 2017 Siena Select Songwriting Competition.
Please note: some submissions were not posted at the request of the student composers.
High School Submissions
Aaron C., "Untitled"
Claire, "In the Beginning, Pt. 2"
Eric, "Some Sorta Love Song"
Javier, "Ooh, Baby"
Jordan, "Life" (High School Runner-Up)
Max C., "Arizona Ice-T"
Meribor, "When I Was a Little Girl" (Overall Winner and High School First Place)
Note: This recording is quiet -- you may need to raise your volume
Olivia, "One More Year"
Partha, "Partha's Song"
Middle School Submissions
Anjani, "The Runner" (Middle School Runner-Up)
Emily, "Everyone is Happy" (Middle School First Place)
Elementary School Submissions
Alden, "Laky"
Soren, "Plasma Beat"
Tara and Fabi, "Keep On Trying" (Elementary First Place)
Tom, "Snowflake Song" (Elementary Runner-Up)

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